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Owner: rapbadmin
10 July 2013
Duration: 03:08:55
Playback bandwidth: 1270 kb/s

Sandra Wallace, Esq. Trident Title LLC


Owner: rapbadmin
30 April 2013
Duration: 02:42:30
Playback bandwidth: 1270 kb/s

BAR-certified real estate attorney Deborah Carman provides a line-by-line review of the newest Florida REALTORS Contract for Residential Sale and Purchase (CRSP) and related Addenda. Contact Deborah: DCarman@carmanlegal.com http://carmanlegal.com/


Owner: rapbadmin
19 March 2013
Duration: 02:52:59
Playback bandwidth: 1139 kb/s

Print the attached contracts and follow along! This class is a line-by-line review of the Florida Realtors/Florida BAR Residential Contract for Sale and Purhcase and the "As Is" contract, instructed by Attorney Eric Bergknoff.


Owner: rapbadmin
19 February 2013
Duration: 02:50:38
Playback bandwidth: 1265 kb/s

Line by line review of the Florida Realtors/Florida Bar CR-1 and "As Is" Contracts, instructed by Deborah Carman, Esq.